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Data Installations - Data cabling design and installation


Secure Systems offers the complete package to meet all IT requirements, from Cabling Voice, Fibre, Cat5e and Cat6 to active equipment such as Hubs, Switches, Routers and a Full PBX Telephone System. We offer impartial advice on the best IT solutions for individual clients, providing information on the shortcomings, costs and other factors in a field that can be a complex one to understand.
A structured cabling system provides a universal platform for an overall IT design and installation that can support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems, regardless of their manufacture. A cabling system is only as good as its design, installation and administration, all highly specialised areas in which Secure Systems has considerable experience and expertise. All our work in these areas is compliant with ANSI, TIA and ISO standards.
Optical fibre cabling

Optical fibre cabling provides the largest bandwidth currently available (from 600 MHz to 1000 MHz, catering for very high-speed multimedia applications). It is immune to sources of interference such as EFI and RFI, provided it is installed and tested correctly. Unlike copper cables, optical fibre cables are not susceptible to near-end crosstalk and do not conduct electricity or support ground loops, making them impervious to lightning strikes.

Secure Systems installs optical fibre cabling that meets the highest industry standards, including SSAIB recommendations and IEC regulations. Although this type of cabling still tends to be used mainly for backbone cabling, we have carried out numerous installations for desk systems in military, government and finance institutions. We offer the full range of fibre cables and connectors available, as well as different types of termination, such as hot melt and fusion splicing. All our installations are tested on completion with an optical time domain reflectometer.


Having worked with Secure Systems for the past 10 years on a number of projects I can say without hesitation that they are a reliable and trustworthy company that always provides a quality service.
Square Foot Solutions Ltd
Jerry Fiore, Director


We first used Secure Systems in 2006 to upgrade the electrical and security systems in our new offices. They listened to our needs, provided practical advice and then completed the work to the highest standards, on time and on budget. Since then, they have continued to provide us with the very highest levels of service.
Slicethepie Ltd
Steve Cox, Operations Manager